The benefits of The Villages of Gloucester for Gloucester really add up.

  • The Villages of Gloucester will mean nearly $12.2 million in one-time lump sum cash proffers to the County. In addition, the permit fees and licenses to the County will generate another $12.6 million! *
  • The Villages of Gloucester will generate approximately $40 million in economic impact a year for local wages, supplies and materials for 20 years during construction.
  • When completed, The Villages of Gloucester will generate $4.2 million a year in net new county taxes and permit fees.
  • Taxes and fees are expected to yield $5.5 million, which more than covers the estimated $1.35 million in costs for County services.

Will The Villages of Gloucester Establish Precedents for the County?

Yes. There are many positive precedents that will be established for furture residential and commercial/office development in Gloucester County:

  • Planned residential development
  • A variety of upscale housing options
  • Master Plan for overall development and for each section/phase
  • County-enforced PUD
  • County-enforced proffers setting forth development standards in excess of County requirements
  • Payment of voluntary cash proffers to Gloucester County addressing any governmental impacts on the development and with the proffers tied to a CPI Index
  • 1.3 unit density per acre that is lower than the density of the normal SF-1 subdivision in Gloucester
  • 47% mandated open/green space
  • Requirement that on- and off-site road improvements be made to handle traffic from the subdivision
  • Provision of parks and recreational opportunities
  • Design Guidelines for all homes
  • Addressing any impact on schools and other government services through voluntary cash payment of proffers
  • Planned commercial/office business park
*Robert Charles Lesser Co. fiscal impact analysis

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